Who We Are

Established in 2006, NREC Jordan is a private shareholding company, (NREC) 70%, and (ADC) 30%, with a registered capital of 37M USD.

NREC was founded to serve the needs of investors and businesses in real estate, warehousing, cold stores, developed lands, commercial and light & medium-sized industrial facilities in Aqaba.


South Aqaba Investment Park located (12km) southeast of Aqaba city center, (6 km) from Aqaba Containers Port, with total area (1.5) million square meters, The Project is developed as a “Gated Business Park”, with many supporting services for business located within, Modern and qualified warehousing units, Developed and serviced plots of land for industrial and storage activities, Developed Stander Factory Buildings (SFBs).

Our Services


NREC Jordan offers different sizes of warehousing units for storing purposes. The warehouses is optimal for companies to easily import and export according to the storage procedures applied in the zone.

Developed & Serviced Plots of Land

Companies benefit from open lands for storage needs. The lands are free to use for the purpose of storing under local regulations, enabling companies to construct storage & Factory Buildings as per their requirements or use the lands for open storage.

Standard Factory Buildings (SFBs)

High Quality buildings are also available for light & medium industrial activities.

Office Spaces

NREC Jordan Provides Office spaces within the Administration & Services Building to serve investor’s needs, with Total Area 3030 square meters.

Why Aqaba?

  • Up to 70% foreign labor
  • Regional multi-modal transportation hub with a full service seaport and international airport
  • Exemption from taxes on distributed dividends and profits
  • Duty-free import of goods
  • Exemption from social services, land and building taxes on utilized properties
  • Flat 5% corporate tax on net profit (except insurance, banking and transport)
  • Full repatriation of profits and capital
  • No foreign equity or currency restrictions on investments
  • Streamlined labor and immigration procedures through a one single service
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Full guarantees on rights and ownership

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