[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”Investment incentives in (NREC-Jordan)’s Projects” subtitle_color=”#5f2436″]
  • The strategic location of (NREC)’s projects offers competitive advantage for investments located within. “South Aqaba Investment Park ” possesses unique location close to Aqaba Containers Port, and just near by the main highway that connects the project to neighboring Saudi Arabia to the south, Amman City, and other neighboring countries to Jordan to the north.
  • Comprehensive and modern infrastructure networks, which include water, electricity, telecom, sewage and fire fighting networks.
  • (NREC Jordan) provides integrated package of investors services provided by Investors Services Department who work with new investors to provide many supporting services starting day one of the project , and in cooperation with public and private offices in Aqaba City, in addition (ANREPCO) is committed to after-lease-services.
  • South Aqaba Investment Park ” was implemented as ” Gated Business Park ” to provide security and protection ,and also many supporting services such as garbage collection , street lightning and many other services.
  • Investors Services Department is also committed to follow up with new investors, to overcome any problems, obstacles or delays by contacting the related government offices in (ASEZ).
  • The Park has been certified by local government authority ( ASEZ) as “Official Storage Project ” which enables investors to transfer their imported materials and goods directly from the port to their leased facility inside the project without any restriction or additional fees , in cooperation with (ASEZ) Storage Department Liaison Office located in the south project.
  • (NREC Jordan) provides leasing options on short and long terms with flexible leasing rates.
  • The North Project also possesses a strategic location close to King Hussein International Airport , and near- by the main roads and international highway.
[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”Investment Incentives in Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ)” subtitle_color=”#5f2436″]

According to the Special Economic Zone investment laws and regulations (ASEZ) provides many investment incentives and tax exemptions as follow:

  • No foreign equity restrictions on investment in tourism, industry, retail and other commercial activities.
  • Regional multi-modal transportation hub with full serviced seaport and international airport.
  • 5% flat tax on net business profit, except banking, insurance and land transport sectors.
  • No tariffs or import taxes on imported goods for individual consumption and registered enterprises (except vehicles which can be exempted by special low).
  • No land and property taxes on utilized property for registered enterprises.
  • No foreign currency restrictions.
  • Full repatriation of profits and capitals.
  • Streamlined labor and immigration procedures.
  • Up to 70% foreign labor is allowed.
  • Multi-use commercial, tourist and residential environment.
  • Duty-free environment.
  • Exemption from social services tax.
  • 7% sales tax limited to the final consumption of (10) selected types of goods, and (3)services: (hotel, rental car services), and special tax on tobacco and alcohol products .

For more information please visit (ASEZ) Official website: