Why Jordan?

  • Strategic and Unique location in the Middle East, at the convergence of (3) continent (Asia, Europe & Africa).
  • Stable Political and Economic environment with dedicated leadership and democratically elected Parliament.
  • Free Market Oriented Economy based on outward – oriented private sector approach.
  • Attractive Investment Climate.
  • Qualified and Competitive Human Resources.
  • World Class Infrastructure and communication.
  • Access to major international markets with signing of much free trade agreement with meanly the entire outside world.
  • Low cost of doing business with secured and developed investment climate.



Arab Free Trade Agreement (AFTA)


Jordan – US Free Trade Agreement


Canadian Market Access


Accord d’Agadir Agreement


Jordan – EU Association Agreement


Jordan – EFTA States Free Trade Agreement

Strategic Choice to reach Global Markets



Jordan’s membership with the World Trade Organization

Jordan is a member of the WTO and a partner in several agreements:

  • General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs.
  • General Agreement on Trade in Services.
  • Convention on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.

Which means the opening of international markets for Jordanian goods and services

Why Aqaba

As part of the continuous efforts to create the most suitable and attractive environment to businesses wishing to locate in ASEZ, the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) has put forward a competitive set of incentives that include:

  • A flat 5% income tax on the net profit.
  • 0% tax for re-exporting goods (Cars).
  • Exemption from social services tax.
  • Exemption from annual land and building taxes on utilized property.
  • Exemption from taxes on distributed dividends and profits.
  • Duty-free import of goods in commercial quantities.
  • No foreign equity restrictions on investments & No foreign currency restrictions.
  • Full repatriation of profits and capital.
  • Streamlined labor and immigration procedures through the one-stop-shop.
  • 100% foreign ownership & Up to 70% foreign labor.
  • Full guarantees on rights and ownership.
  • Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ) considered as a main hub for automobile trading for Jordan market and neighboring countries such as Iraq.
  • Regional multi – modal transportation hub with a full service seaport and international airport.

South Aqaba Investment Park

Located 15 km southeast of Aqaba city, (6km) southeast Aqaba Containers Port, Total area of the park is (1.5) million square meters, The Project is developed as a Gated Logistic Park.

Investment Opportunities

Modern and qualified warehousing units with flexible areas for storage use:

(NREC Jordan) offers 11 Warehousing Units for different storage purposes within the south project “South Aqaba Investment Park”. These Warehousing Units are optimal for companies who seek to set up a regional storage center or for import and export activities and these units reserved for light and medium industries according to the custom procedures applied in the zone. Furthermore, there are serviced plots of land reserved to build their own storage units.

  • 11 Units
  • Total area 60000 square meters
  • Each warehouse unit is (5400 square meters).
  • Minimum area use (900 square meters).
  • Height from the sides: 6 m, from the center: 7.80 m.

Developed Stander Factory Buildings (SFBs) for light & medium industries with flexible areas:

(NREC Jordan) provides a high quality Standard Factory Buildings (SFB’s) reserved for light and medium industries, these buildings consist of four units, and equipped with appropriate exits, which facilitate its use for light and medium industries, and production lines. Furthermore, there are serviced plots of land reserved to build closed stores or factories for light and medium industries.

  • 4 Units
  • Total area 20000 square meters
  • Each unit is (5000 square meters).
  • Minimum area use: (1000 square meters).
  • Height from the sides: 6 m, from center: 7.80 m.

Developed and serviced plots of land for industrial and storage needs.

(NREC Jordan) provides different areas of serviced plots of land for setting up closed warehouses or factory buildings for light and medium industries and open storage.

  • Total area: 690,000 square meters
  • For closed storage, open storage and light and medium industries.
  • Minimum plot area is 3500 square meters.

Administration & Services Building

NREC Jordan Provides Office spaces within the Administration & Services Building to serve investor’s needs.

  • The Total Area: 675 square meters
  • Available Office Spaces for Companies

NREC Competetive Advantage

  • Comprehensive Warehousing, Industrial and logistic solutions.
  • High quality of storage and industrial facilities.
  • Strategic Location in ASEZ with close proximity to Aqaba Container Port, which facilitates import and export operations.
  • Excellent investment climate with tax and custom incentives.
  • Competitive leasing rates with After – Sale Services.
  • Easy access to neighboring countries such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
  • Comprehensive and ancillary services for businesses located within.

NREC Supporting Services

  • Full Integrated and closed Park, which provides security and safety 24 / 7.
  • NREC Jordan administration & services building which provides available office spaces for investors.
  • Full-integrated firefighting and fire alarm network connected with the award of civil defense center next to Business Park.
  • ASEZA Storage Department and logistic services & weighbridges for trucks are located inside our business park.
  • Full-integrated infrastructure networks (Water, Electricity, Sewage connections & Telecom line & Internet).
  • Security services 24 / 7 with full control on the entrance gates by Cameras
  • on the gates and important points inside the park.
  • Approved by ASEZA as “Storage Location” for AT9 storage releases & “Logistic Storage Location”.
  • “Main power converter station” to serve investors inside complex in cooperation with the electricity distribution company to serve investors in the complex.
  • NREC Jordan provide custom services at the site.